We are constantly exploring and innovating in the field of professional audio. We are now proud of the following: We always adhere to our understanding of sound reinforcement equipment and system applications, independently develop and produce professional audio products with higher adaptability for different places. Our products have been widely used in various places, and many of our products are already outstanding in the industry! Each product of

CAT KING embodies the hard work of all workers. We always infuse our passion for professional audio into every detail and every link of the product. No matter what you need, we can provide the best sound reinforcement solution .

CAT KING has developed into more than just a supplier of professional audio products. We have realized the responsibilities and obligations we need to bear. Our self-definition is to strive to become a close partner of users. We fully support and cooperate with our customers to expand our services to any field.

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Coaxial point source array system
M2418 is an ideal choice for applications that require array performance and must be set up quickly and easily. A 1200W (LF) + 500W (HF) + 500W (HF) three-channel digital amplifier powers the system. Powerful DSP processes sound, including frequency division, phase correction, limitation and protection. The system is equipped with the most advanced CAT KING point source driver – a powerful 12-inch coaxial speaker for realistic sound reproduction, plus a high-powered 18-inch large dynamic subwoofer that provides high-definition vocal performance and incredible low-frequency power.  With fast deployment and flexible and convenient combinations, it can better meet your different on-site needs.

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Anti-Compression Stage Speaker

Pro2.6 is excellent and unique, CAT KING has accumulated many years of experience. Adopting low-frequency reverse compression technology, 2×15-inch new concept speaker series. Integrated dual-horn high-frequency compression driver design, with mobile casters at the bottom, ABS anti-collision protection strips installed above and below, for maximum functionality and practicality.

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